Plan Your Next Few Days

rlPlanner is designed specifically to plan on short notice with groups sharing a common interest. What's happnening in the next few days is available at a glance, with signups and comments laid out for each event. News articles provide a central point for general discussions, and the simple, elegant experience is completely customizable.

Customizable Planners

Planners can be tailored to your activity of choice. You can use your own domain and customize the look of your front page.

Stay Informed

Subscribe to events or lay out conditions under which you'd like to be notified, then stay informed as you go about your day.

Hourly Weather Forecast

Weather is an important factor for outside gatherings. rlPlanner shows you hourly weather forecasts, sunset times.

Express Yourself

Beyond signing up and participating in discussions, use our powerful yet simple communication toolset designed specifically for planning on short notice.

Manage Access

Planners can be open to anyone, for registered/verified users, or invite only. Protection from bots, user bans, and simple moderation are included.

Social Media Integration

Users can sign in with their Facebook or Twitter account. Set conditions for your planner where a linked Twitter account will announce an event automatically.

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